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GEHWOL Disinfectant Lotion

Active Ingredients: Alcohol, glycerin, menthol, benzalkonium chloride

To refresh and cleanse the feet before, during, and after the foot treatment, spray the GEHWOL Lotion onto the feet. The effect is refreshing and fragrant and sweat and impurities are removed easily with a wipe. The spray prevents the growth of bacteria and fungal pathogens.

NOTE: The spray pump is not included. Please order seperately.

GEHWOL Disinfectant Lotion, 17.6 oz. / 500-ml

GEHWOL Disinfectant Lotion, 35.3 oz. / 1000-ml

Best pharmacy partner 2005-2012

The company Gerlach was awarded with the gold medal of the PharmaRundschau as “the best pharmacy partner” within the range foot care every year since 2005.


Eduard Gerlach in front of his booth at the world exhibition, Berlin 1889

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